Facts and Figures

The Braintree Fire Department has a total of 88 members when fully staffed. There are 4 Administrative Officers that work directly under the Chief, and a total of 84 Officers and Fire Fighters assigned to Fire Suppression that man the Department's 6 pieces of Apparatus, at 3 different stations.

There are 4 rotating shifts that provide coverage to the town. Each shift, or "Group" consists of:

  • 1 Deputy Chief (Shift Commander, assigned to C-2)
  • 1 Captain (Station Supervisor, Assigned to an Engine Company)
  • 5 Lieutenants (Company Supervisors, Assigned to an Engine or Ladder Company)
  • 14 Firefighters (Assigned to an Engine or Ladder Company)
The Braintree Firefighters Association has worked to maintain a Minimum Manning of 17 Firefighters including a Lieutenant or Captain on each piece of apparatus to ensure that all 6 pieces remain in service to the Town of Braintree at all times. This manning level is the absolute minimum recommended to safeguard our members and the community we serve. We will continue to work on behalf of our members and the residents of Braintree to protect that minimum and compliment it whenever possible.
Authentic Tradition

Table of Organization

Administrative Positions

Fire Prevention Officer
Hazardous Materials Officer
Training Officer
Assistant Superintendent of Fire Alarm

Fire Suppression Positions

Deputy Chief (4)
Captains (4)
Lieutenants (20)
Fire Fighters (56)